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July 10th, 2006

01:24 pm: <OOC> Okay, this journal is now used exclusively for role-playing.  If you don't wish to read Mokuba POV entries, then I won't feel offended if you remove me from your friendslist.  I understand. </OOC>

Well, things didn't go that great while my brother was away.  I guess the company ran smoothly, but that might have just been luck.  You see, I got pretty sick.  I stayed home most of the time, because I wouldn't have been any use at work.  Besides, I didn't want to get any other employees sick.

I felt better the day of my birthday, so I went to Kaiba Corp, but when I was there I got really tired and too warm.  There are some labs in the basement of the building that weren't being used, and the temperature down there is cooler.  I found a comfy chair I guess I feel asleep.  

When I woke up it was evening.  As I was heading back upstairs I ran into Yuugi.  He said that no one had known where I was and that everyone - especially my big brother - was worried about me.  Also, my party had been postponed.  Luckily, no one was angry at me for disappearing.  I guess they were happy I hadn't been kidnapped again...

I'm glad Seto has hired people I know and like, but even though I get less lonely, I'm very happy he's back. 

May 30th, 2006

08:23 pm: Well, I'm at home in my room right now, but I'm thinking of sneaking out to Seto's party. I know he's not even going to be there, but Anzu and Yugi will be, and they're fun. So are Mai and Joey. I don't know Bakura very well, but I heard Seto calling him a 'freaky Martha Stewart wannabe', and Martha Stewart is really cool. Maybe Bakura can make floating candles out of fruit too?

I think Seto is being too hard on Anzu. Sometimes girls just start crying - he shouldn't be mean about it. A friend of mine at school once told me his sister cries every month when it's 'her time'. It has something to do with bleeding, too. It sounded really gross. I'm so glad I'm not a girl!

July 7th, 2005

04:23 pm:

Well, since my writing muse has abandoned me utterly and completely, I'll do some of those quiz-type things. (See?! My muse has even taken my vocabulary!)

1 fact for every year of my life.

1. I have a big, fluffy cat named Maple. (The hamster in the pic, Daniel, died a few months ago.)

2. I have two siblings; an older and a younger sister.

3. I have a thing for tragic heros. Especially Boromir and Hamlet. Well, mostly Boromir.

4. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I am stalling by getting a two-year degree in graphic design.

5. I work at a ShopKo. I don't really like my job, but I don't hate it either.

6. I just got my drivers license this year.

7. I first discovered fanfic when I was an X-Files fan. My old notebooks from middle school are filled with X-Files drabbles.

8. I've never really dated.

9. My friends are pretty wild. I think they're good for me.

10. Halloween is my true love ;)

11. I got hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh! when I saw Kaiba jump out of a window and then duel Yugi as a ghost.

12. I play D&D, Hunter: the reckoning, and Shadow Run. I am a glutton for role-playing.

13. I am a virgo. Supposedly, so is Ryou Bakura. I'm not sure what that means, but we're both really shy ^^

14. My favorite class ever was probably Ancient World.  The teacher rocked and we learned tons about ancient Egypt. Then we got to paint the walls with hieroglyphs!

15. My real name means 'wise counciler'.

16. Right now, I'm sitting at my tech college's cafeteria, typing and watching Jeopardy. Wow, some of those people are smart...

17. I have created five different lj's, but only use two anymore.

18. My idea of a perfect evening is lounging at a bookstore or coffeehouse with my laptop, writing and drinking mocha.

19. My powers of procrastination are a thing to behold!

And there you go! Oh yeah, and leave that one word comment also, if you want. This journal only has one friend, so I wont bother 'tagging' anyone else. I should really hunt down more ygo fans to befriend...

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July 2nd, 2005

04:52 pm: Blind Sky
Ah! I finally finished chapter two of 'Blind Sky'. I'm trying really hard to make it romantic while keeping the characters themselves. I hope it's working!

textCollapse )

June 16th, 2005

08:40 pm: Life After Blue - Part 1

And here is part one of 'Life After Blue'.  If anyone thinks of a better title, drop a comment.


Striding like the wrath of god, he made a beeline for the coffee machine and ignored all else, including both the matter of his dragons and the stuttered protests of the hall monitor.Collapse )

02:02 pm: Well, It's been over a year since I updated this journal. I dropped the 'post as Mokuba' idea pretty quick, huh? But I've been putting the journal to good use in an RPG.

I've decided to post some fanfiction here, too. Here's what you have to look forward* to:

Blind Sky
Kaiba/Shizuka, PG-13
More happened on the Battle City blimp than we saw on screen. Chapters 1&2 are up at ff.net

Life After Blue (Working title)
Kaiba finds himself unable to pull his Blue Eyes White Dragon cards during duels. Are his favorite cards angry at him? How will he cope?

That's all for now, although there are TONS of Kaiba angst stories floating in my brain.

*That is, if you look forward to Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction written by an angst addict...

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April 28th, 2004

10:39 pm: My new journal....
Now that things have settled down, I'm starting to get lonely. Half the people on board are preparing for the next round of duels, while the other half is either resting or comatose. I tried to talk to Tea, but she wanted to spend time at Mai's bedside. Duke and Tristen were with Serenity, but I got the feeling that they didn't want me around. So I found an empty room on this blimp with a computer, and I decided to start an internet journal.

So we finally got out of the virtual world, with Noa's help. I knew he wasn't all bad, even after what he did. After all, I know it isn't easy growing up with Gozaburo as a father. I hope Noa is alright... I wouldn't tell Seto, but I kind of liked the idea of having another brother. Seto is busy all the time, and if Noa lived with us, I wouldn't have to bug big brother to play with me. Hey! Maybe Noa jumped to another network, and maybe he's in our system! Noa, are you reading this? If you are, thanks for saving Seto. I'm sure he could still make you a robotic body, if you want...

Someone's at the door. I hope it isn't Merrik; he's creepy. I'll write more soon!

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